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About Us

Our Approach
Essential Montessori places equal importance on all areas of the child’s development.

Physical is as important as academic. Social is as important as emotional. True to the Montessori philosophy of development of the whole child, one is as vital to the child as the other.


Each day brings us an opportunity to observe the student and to assist them in moving forward. Just as it is in your house, you never know what the day will bring, but it always brings joy and excitement!


We can provide the essentials, the opportunity, and the option, but only they can do the work. This is what we believe.


Encouragement through making the child aware of his or her capabilities is our approach. We acknowledge their hard efforts, but be certain to convey it is theirs to own. Intrinsic value of success is much more effective than one of us telling them of a job well done.


No matter if it is social, emotional, academic, or physical, each success is recognized in the same way.

Essential Montessori's Goals


One of the first things we do each start of the school year is to earn the trust of the children that enter. With trust as our foundation, we can begin to assist and direct them along a path that will guide their self-discovery.

We work toward a class that is connected to each other, actively responds in a positive ways, and where the children understand their presence plays a part in a small community, which distinguishes Montessori from other approaches. And all this begins with trust!

Our goals are to:
  • Provide a strong base for lifelong academic and practical learning

  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Foster self-discovery and independence

  • Instill confidence in the child's abilities

  • Encourage growth of the whole child - intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development



Our Story


Essential Montessori has been a part of the Cedar Rapids area community since 1992.


Our small, personal school is led by directress Connie Craft, who has over thirty years of experience in the Montessori primary classroom. Ms. Connie and an associate lead each class. 

The classroom space is large, serving twenty children at one time.


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