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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

Essential Montessori is located in Hiawatha, Iowa at 1350 Blairs Ferry Road. We are located at the back of the building, with no visible signage indicating our presence.

Why is a Montessori teacher called a directress?

We are present in the classroom to help "direct" the child to the work we believe would be best at that particular time. It is through careful observation of prior exercises and work we do our best to determine that direction. A child essentially "teaches" him/herself. 

Why are classroom activities called work?

Working is how we all are gratified. Our purpose and some of our identity is tied to our work. Nothing is more important than a strong work ethic. Something we at Essential Montessori consider to be a child’s most important development is the work ethic. 

Can a student really choose to do any work they want all the time?

Once a student has completed any preparatory work and has had a lesson from one of the adults on the specific activity they are interested in, then they may choose to do the activity.


We do ask students who generally are older and have projects or math/reading to do to take care of their responsibilities first, before choosing new exercises. As with a strong work ethic, being responsible is another of our paramount objectives.

Can I visit the school for a tour?

Yes! We encourage you to contact us to discuss options for your child, fill out an application, and arrange a time to visit our school. 

How do I contact you?

We would LOVE to talk with you. It is a great way to begin to know what Essential Montessori is all about.


Please call us at (319) 378-3100 or email us at

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